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Your needs are clear: eliminate paper and disorganized shared drives. Get rid of long email chains and constant status inquiries. Move records into a secure environment to protect employees and your organization.

DocuWare for Employee Management digitizes, centralizes, and organizes employees’ HR documents within a secure, searchable repository. Within the DocuWare solution, HR teams can use ready-to-go digital workflows and web forms for applicant tracking, hiring, onboarding, performance reviews, and time-off request management.

Unlock a new level of HR productivity: 

  • Centralize employee files: Organize and store all employee records in a multi-tiered folder structure that differentiates access rights among HR, managers, and employees

  • Streamline recruitment: Create job postings, receive and automatically index resumes based on pre-defined skill sets, and use workflows to route applicants for review, schedule interviews and gather applicant feedback. Set up automatic email notifications to candidates.

  • Eliminate redundant information capture: Leverage web forms to capture all required employee data upfront, one time

  • Coordinate and automate onboarding: Create a checklist of required tasks, including acknowledgment of employment, confidentiality agreements, employee handbooks, and initial training plans. Send automatic email notifications to appropriate individuals within your organization. 

  • Organize performance reviews: Customize performance appraisal templates and set dates for automated reviews, while capturing and storing all the information.

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